Winter Driving Tips


Tractor trailer drivers!

When you come off the road and park on a snow covered lot, it is important to pack down the snow before setting your brakes; roll forward and back a few times. This does two things: it cools down your tires so they aren’t as likely to melt the snow and then freeze forming a cup of ice that you will spin on, and it also creates your runway when you leave so you aren’t trying to push through snow from a dead stop.

When you are parked, it is best to sit in the driver’s seat for about 5 minutes with the brakes not set (as long as you are on level ground). This allows the brake drums to dry out so they aren’t wet when you set them, and freeze while you are on a brake.

Just a couple winter tips.

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ATA Share the Road helpful safety tips for the Holidays

  • Always wear your seat-belt. (It’s the law!)
  • Never cut in front of a truck. (We can’t slow down like a car!)
  • Don’t linger alongside of a truck. (You could be in a blind spot!)
  • Never pass on the right; pass safely on the left
    (traffic could be stopped on the right for an exit ramp that you can’t see)
  • Leave plenty of space when following a truck
    (If there is something in the road that the truck straddles, you won’t hit it)
  • Always look for the driver’s face in the side mirrors
    (Make sure you are seen)
  • Allow trucks adequate space to maneuver (We need more room to stop and make turns, this keeps you safe!)
  • Slow down and be aware of other motorists on the road (Increased speed equals increased severity of any collision)


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Parrish Trucking Fall Family Safety Meeting

The 2018 Parrish Trucking Fall family safety meeting. Lots of family games to play, haunted maze and hayride. Other than the wind, a great day was had by all!

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Smart Driver: See and Be Seen


Driving in clear conditions can be very stressful for any driver, but add in a wintry mix and it can be downright treacherous. Blowing snow, fog, ice buildup on the windshield, and overspray from passing vehicles are just a few hazards that can limit visibility and make an 80,000 pound tractor-trailer less conspicuous. Here are some tips to minimize winter weather hazards:

  • Keep windows and mirrors clean
  • Wipe off marker lights, headlights, taillights, and reflective tape
  • Carry extra windshield washer solvent and cleaning rags on each trip
  • Make sure all mirrors are adjusted properly and are in working condition
  • Wear UV and polarized sunglasses to help reduce sun glare
  • Replace worn wiper blades
  • Remove snow from atop the tractor and trailer (but do not climb on top to prevent injuries!)

While these steps will not eliminate all hazards, they can make it easier to see and be seen. In addition, keep in mind the Essential 7 Driving Techniques:

  • Maintain proper following distance
  • Observe proper speed for conditions
  • Avoid distractions
  • Be attentive to the road ahead
  • React properly to hazards
  • Maintain one lane
  • Yield the right of way
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Trucking in 2016 – Full Industry Calendar


Interested in what’s in store for the trucking industry in the year ahead? Trucker News has listed scheduled events for 2016. Come and take a look!

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